February 13, 2009

Wanna Shasta, Don't You Wanna?

So after the excitement of the church and bridge, we decided to look around. We just kinda started driving and pulled over when things looked cool. So, we were looking for Shasta Lake, which is the lake created by Shasta Dam, which is at the base of Mt. Shasta, which is next to the town of Shasta Lake. Confused yet? Just start using Shasta as an adjective in all your sentences and you'll get the idea!

Here's a picture of Shasta Lake, panoramic for your viewing pleasure (this one worked much better than the bridge one). True story, we just took some random road that I'm pretty sure is one step away from being closed to get to this point. But was well worth it.

Next, we saw a sign for Shasta Dam and decided to take a look. And here's the cool thing: It was pretty awesome. It's apparently the world's second tallest dam (outside of Hoover Dam....That's What He Said). It was really quite a site, assuming you stay away from the rattlesnakes. One thing that they didn't have in Illinois.

The View Downstream

Shasta Dam - Yes, I crossed the entire dam by foot. That's over a mile of Dam!


crymson said...

you did have an adventurous day! and you got that close to rattle snakes...i wouldn't have put money on that.

JMeadows said...

That was a dam trek but it looked like you had a dam good time (please tell me you've seen Vegas Vacation!)

Things to Do said...

C - Well, I got close to the rattlesnake sign. With the zoom of my camera. That's as close as I plan on getting.

J - Nice one. I have of course seen Vegas Vacation. Sadly we missed the damn dam tour!


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