December 28, 2011

Costa Rica (In Panorama)

Greetings and Hello! I feel like half of my blog posts lately start with an apology about my lack of posting, but hey at least I'm consistent. I apologize for my extended absence, but I have a really good excuse this time. Yesterday, I just got back from a holiday trip to Costa Rica where I went and crossed off some fun things on my list and just kind of chillaxed (assuming that 'chillaxed' is still a thing).

It may have solved the case of writer/photo block I was having and I got to do a number of fun things that I can't wait to share with you. However, this means I'm probably going to be talking to the point of exhaustion about my trip so brace yourself. I've been on a diet of strong Costa Rican coffee (and maybe a cervesa or two) so now I have nothing but energy.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite panoramic photos from the trip. Surprisingly I didn't take nearly as many digital pictures as I thought I had (my Holga photos still need to be developed, so we'll see if any of those turn out). I think it may be because they really know how to put the 'rain' in the term rain forests. It kept me from bringing my camera out from my backpack, plus it's super hard to take good photographs (for me at least) in the rain. But don't even trip, I have more than enough to reminisce and share. Just not the normal amount I end up bringing home from vacation.

Here's a little taste of what I'm sure my next several posts are going to be like.

The view from our room on the Pacific Side of Costa Rica in Guanacaste. 

 Our hotel in Tortuguero Forest. There's only screens on the windows, which while being awesome to hear the rain forest, may not filter the voices of someone who doesn't know how to whisper (aka - me).

The view from our cruise on the Tarcoles River searching for the Giant Crocodiles.

This photo is taken on one of the Arenal hanging bridges, high above the rain forest. Just praying that when someone takes a step on the bridge they won't shake it too much and cause me to drop my camera into the abyss.

The Capital, San Jose, Costa Rica

How about you guys? Did you have a great holiday? Do anything fun? Have you been to Costa Rica before? What was your favorite activity?


CeCe said...

I too am so behind on posts that it is straight up ridiculous.

I have yet to make it to Costa Rica, but it is nearing my priority list...I can't wait to hear about your trip.

crymson said...

The bridge photo is making my knees buckle. Cripes! Awesome pics so far can't wait to see more.

imlivinginadream said...

Ah! Looks SO awesome, I am super jealous of your trip. I totally forgot you had even left, but that explains why you've been so quiet ;) Can't wait to read all about it- so far your pictures look gorgeous.

Allison said...

My parents went to Costa Rica two years ago and loved it. My boss went last year on a coffee bean picking excursion for the business.

They're in Panama now - I'm jealous of all these exodic vacations! Your photos are beautiful!

amanda said...

you know i love a good collection of panoramas - SO, So, so gorgeous. do you use photoshop & let the program stitch them together, or do you match them up yourself?

i still owe you a huge email - but you've been vacationing & haven't missed anything besides the comfort of your own bed, right?

my roommate in college was born in costa rica & takes trips back fairly often (every 2-3 years). she invited me, but my mother freaked out & got herself in a tizzy because she was convinced i'd get kidnapped. that's the kind of compliments she's good at >.<

happy new year!!!

Things To Do said...

@Cece - I highly recommend it. We had a great time! And I can't wait to read about your most recent adventure!

@Crymson - Yeah, it was a bit cray cray. You'd be on the bridge and it felt like you were drunk where you couldn't walk straight. Then you'd still have trouble once you hit solid ground.

@ILIAD - I can assure you that the people around me did not think I was quiet, so I made up for my online quietness in real life. Haha!

@Allison - Thanks! Yeah I checked out a coffee plantation and brought some good stuff back too. And you totally need to stow yourself in your parents luggage to go!

@Amanda - Yeah, I have a program that stitches together with a little guidance from me. No way would I be able to do it without! And funny story about your roommate, moms have a way of doing that. ;) Happy New Year!

Johanna said...

Gosh, so jealous (in the best way possible)- I want to go to Costa Rica so bad!

Steve said...

I loved Costa Rica. Those photos bring me back to when I was there a few years ago. It's such a beautiful country with many cool places to see. I think my favorite thing about there was that I got to surf for the first time in Cahuita. I can tell you that it exhausted me, but it was a lot of fun. I'm glad you had fun.


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