March 30, 2012

Because I Can't Mail Guinness

One of the things on my 32 Before 32 list was to send out Holiday Cards. See every year I get a crop of amazingly thoughtful and adorable Christmas Cards and I never reciprocate (well there was one year where I sent cards with picture of myself holding two glasses of wine with the tagline "From My Family To Yours" grandmother was particularly pleased). I hated being on the losing end of that deal so I decided that I was going to send out some sort of holiday cards this year. And when I sat down to think of my favorite holiday, the answer came to me right away, St. Patrick's Day.

Now I am a big fan of sending thank you cards. I am constantly buying different styles and designs so I knew that I had to find some equally cool St. Patrick's Day cards. And then because I couldn't make up my mind, I ended up choosing 3 different designs from my best friend, Etsy. Now the cards were awesome and I made it a point to write something personal in all of the cards. Which ended up taking forever! I now know why people just have a standard greeting printed on their cards.

The first were these super cute Eat, Drink & Be Irish cards from The Yellow Trunk.

The second was an Irish mantra from Ginny and George.

The final set were these multi-use word find cards from Natalie Kay. Seriously they have like every holiday listed. All you have to do is find the words of the occasion circle and send them off. I bought a ton of these to use for other event throughout the year.

So that's one item of my 32 list (and can I say how desperately needed it was? I am beyond slacking on that right now). Are you a holiday card sender? What's the most unique card you've received? Have you ever sent out St. Patrick's Day cards?


Allison said...

I love buying cards on Etsy. I bought my boyfriend both his Christmas and VDay card from there.

Sometimes I make my own cards for Christmas and birthdays, but I'll admit I love Hallmark. I mostly do Christmas and Birthday cards. I've never sent a St. Patrick's Day card - I've never even thought of it as a greeting card holiday. But I think I would smile if I got one, so I think it's a neat idea. Unexpected mail is awesome.

Thank you cards are cute too.

keishua said...

I love card but sadly most live in my desk hoping to be mailed.

Jessica said...

St. Patrick's Day Cards are a new one for me. My mother is super awesome about sending cards all the time, and cute little packages for holidays. I am a faithful Christmas card sender but it's on MY list to be better about sending birthday and anniversary cards. Well done on getting something checked off. I was feeling the heat a little myself and had to knock out a couple of things in the last few weeks just so I'd have some stuff to report for my first quarter report!

Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

I'm horrible about sending cards, thank yous, holiday cards, all of them. I'm cracking up over your card with the wine though. You're hilarious!

Things To Do said...

@Allison - Homemade cards are always so cool, I wish I was more craft talented to make some cool ones.

@Keishua - I do that a lot too. Haha but then I have it for future occasions when I hopefully send it.

@Jessica - I am so bad about Birthday cards too. That's a great thing to put on a list maybe for 33 Before 33.

@Brandi - Thanks. Man I could have used you to talk to my family. Haha!

Dannie said...

Lovely and cute gardens, so different! Don't know anyone who sends St Patrick's day cards, but those cards look well worth sending.

Things To Do said...

@Dannie - Thanks so much! I thought so too!


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